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"I am a keratin donor"
"I am a keratin donor"




"The Soap-Cooks"

       -- Die Seifenköche --


Folke Lanius & Wolfgang Pigl GbR

Plohnerstr. 8

D - 08228 Rodewisch









We are a small soap-manufactory in Germany (Saxony), producing our soaps since 2013.

Breeding alpacas ourself, we had the idea of using the keratin of their wool as an additive for our soaps. Keratin is an elementary part of human and animal skin and hair. It is used for care and regeneration. By now we produce our “alpaca-keratin-soap” for breeders in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, France and Belgium.



Do you  want  an individual soap, manufactured from your own special alpacawool?


We need about 3 ounces washed wool for 30 bares of soap.

Using premium (A) wool is not neseccary for the manufacturing of a rich soap.

B-wool or the wool of the animal´s neck or legs is absolutely ok.

Only use some dishwashing liquid and wash the wool until the rinse water is clear.


We will label the bars of your soap with your logo, the name of your farm or the name of the special alpaca.


Making and shipping usually take about five to six weeks.


Prices for breeders and resellers are available on request.